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CLOVER SEED INOCULATION Clovers are only able to use nitrogen from the air if specific strains of Rhizobium bacteria are present in nodules on their roots. To ensure that the best strain of Rhizobium bacteria is present for each clover species, inoculant is applied to the clover seed before planting (inoculation process). Inoculant is finely ground peat moss which acts as a carrier for the Rhizobium bacteria. Inoculants which also include an adhesive to hold the inoculant to the seed and aid in keeping the bacteria alive in dry soil are superior to inoculants without an adhesive. Good clover seed inoculation is especially important the first time a clover species is planted in a new area. Pre-inoculated seed can be purchased of most clover species. ENDURINOC BRAND SEED COATING + APRON XL ™LS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Compiled by Gerald Evers and Ray Smith, Texas A&M System AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Overton. Research Center Technical Report No. 98-3. (Revised June 2006). Sponsored by the Oregon Clover Commission.